About Us

Our Story

FeatherLite Outdoors is a company dedicated to making a difference...not just to our customers, but to the world around us.  

We strive to provide outdoor products that are innovative and unique.  Products you just can't find anywhere else.  We want our customers to be equipped to take on adventure at any moment with equipment that is useful, lightweight, and always handy.   

But there is much more to our story...

You, the customer, are not our true focus.  Neither is making a buck.  You see, the entire reason this company exists is to provide job opportunities in the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti.  By placing our production in rural Haiti, we provide our Haitian partners the chance to earn valuable income, develop job skills, and experience a broader world.  

It is our hope to leverage our products to change more than your experience in the outdoors...we want to change the life experience of our Haitian partners as well.

So, sit back and relax...and help us change lives.

Our Link to Haiti

Our connection to Haiti is through But God Ministries.  We leverage the great work they have been doing there for several years.  BGM is focused on development, not just temporary aid.  They recently opened a new Business Center in their original location in Gallette Chambon.  This facility provides a great opportunity for some of the residents of the community to start businesses, receive training and have access to resources.  Check out their site to learn more about the great work this fine organization is doing.