HikerLite Hammock Chair
HikerLite Hammock Chair
Dark Olive HikerLite Hammock Chair
Racer Red HikerLite Hammock Chair
Light Blue HikerLite Hammock Chair
Spectra Yellow HikerLite Hammock Chair
Royal Blue HikerLite Hammock Chair
HikerLite Hammock Chair

HikerLite Hammock Chair

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For the avid hiker that is concerned about cutting ounces, the HikerLite is the answer.  This Hammock Chair opens up a whole new world of comfort with its portability.  Every hiker deserves the chance to relax in luxury after a long day on the trail.  

 The suspension is a model of efficiency.  With no hardware or knots, the standard version of this suspension setup weighs only 2.9 ounces.  A limited number of lighter suspensions are available at only 1.4 ounces.  

WIth a total weight of 6.5 ounces, the HikerLite Hammock Chair system is so light and compact, you would be crazy not take it with you on every outing.  The compact size makes this chair perfect for hikers, cyclists, kayakers, and anyone with limited space.  The light weight makes it easy to carry.  The comfort...well, the comfort alone will rocket this gear to the top of your must-have list.

- Integrated storage pocket.  

- Included suspension doesn't require hardware or knots of any kind.  This ingenious setup has two 4' tree straps with attached whoopie slings.  These attach to the chair utilizing an innovative loop capture over a button knot.

- The fixed length ridgeline is dialed in for the perfect hang every time.

- The Comfort cut design allows you to snuggle into the chair for full support or sit up and enjoy the view around you. 

Weight 6.5 Ounces
Weight Limit 200 lbs
Stored Size 8"x6"x4"
Material 1.0 oz Robic Nylon